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“To entertain guests with tea, to meet friends with tea, to send tea as gift, to express feelings with tea” is important life context of Chinese, also an important characterization of Chinese culture.

Sun Moon Lake is located at altitude of 700m in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains and lakes with remarkable environment for growing black teas. The unique climates and soils, make the quality of Sun Moon Lake black tea stand out from other tea varieties in the world.

Our black tea is planted in a small scale tea farm in Sun Moon Lake using non-pesticide, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation. Because of the natural farming planting patterns, unlike large tea company, we can only sustain smaller yields of tea each harvest. But we believe it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity!

Throne Black Tea
Sun Moon Lake Tea

“Dragons” are omnipresent in Chinese area. Chinese consider ancestors and the Dragon god as the master of the offspring’s fortune. Under the altar in the ancestral shrine the Dragon god must be set up, which enjoys the same veneration as ancestors all year round, known as Dragon god grand uncle or Dragon god grand uncle of the residence.

“THRONE TEA” has been awarded in “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Contest in Taiwan” for 3 consecutive years (2014~2016), it’s perfect both as a present and for one's own enjoyment. Explore the most distinguished black teas in Taiwan. With non-pesticide, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, Throne Tea offers tea varieties such as Ruby 18 (Hongyu), No. 21 Black Tea, Native Mountain (Yuchi Wild Shan Cha), Assam, and Herbal tea, available in loose leaf, bags and pyramid. It’s perfect both as a present and for one's own enjoyment.

── 回到初心 。 遇見幸福 ──

Mr. Kang loves to drink black tea, he used to be the general manager of the CD-ROM packaging company in Taipei. After a car accident, he took a longtime off to recuperate and made a long stay in Nantou, the most famous black tea producing area in Taiwan. Once he tasted Ruby 18 black tea around Sun Moon Lake, the fragrance of the tea took his breath away. From then on, he visited Sun Moon Lake frequently and started to do research on how to make black tea with local tea farmers.

To follow his passion and stay true to himself, Mr. Kang decided to move to Nantou to focus on organic black tea planting. Aiming at the conservation of ecology and natural habit without polluting soil, air and water and yet maintaining sustainable tea production. Kong established his brand Throne Tea, he wishes the tea lovers would be able to feel his efforts and Well-intentioned.

Today Mr. Kang finally overcame the low point of his life, he devoted himself to the society , provides job for the disabilities and also throws himself into charity work and public service. He believes to help others is the way to help ourselves.


品嘗著紅茶,靜謐地回想自己最初想要的是甚麼? 於是他放棄台北一些理想的工作邀約,來到南投縣魚池鄉栽種有機紅茶,因有機方法種植在生產數量的控制不易,種植最大難以控制的主要因素來自天氣及風土條件,故收成的數量與採收的品質也就難以按工廠的品質般以投入之量來計算產出;但康世欣仍堅持理想,並建立品牌,將悉心栽培的茶取名「心栽茶」,希望讓客人品嘗到他的用心。



Throne Black Tea

── 旺達自然農法商行 ──

Throne Tea is produced and marketed in Nantou all by Mr. Kang. His products have grown more and more popular especially among westerners. For those tea lovers, “healthiness” is the primary motivation. Mr. Kang’s main product is the local black tea in Sun Moon Lake. He cultivates healthy teas with natural farming planting patterns, with no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. Although the whole process is full of hardship and challenges, he believes that only when the land returns to its original health, it will nurture the tea that is full of naturalness.

為南投縣魚池鄉自產自銷的在地小農, 「心栽」紅茶系列主要產品為日月潭在地紅茶。 我們以 有機自然農法,用心栽培好茶, 採用最親近自然的無農藥及化學肥料栽作, 尊重自然,以草生管理, 以最少的干預讓作物與環境共生成長, 雖然充滿了艱辛與挑戰,但只有讓土地回到最初的健康, 才會孕育出充滿原味與自然的茶香。

雖然無輝煌的歷史背景, 但憑藉著一份回歸純自然的意念, 回到初心, 拾起那份來自內心深處的感動與熱情, 堅持自己的理想。 這份幸福,充滿原味與健康, 辛勤,卻快樂知足! 分享給每一位為夢想努力奮鬥的朋友。

※ 2015 The gold medal award of Sun Moon Lake Tea Competition
※ 榮獲 2015 年日月潭紅茶評鑑競賽金質獎

※ 2015 Nantou's Top Ten Gifts, Taiwan's Top 100 Gifts
※ 榮獲 2015 年南投十大伴手禮 / 台灣百大伴手禮

※ 2015 Taiwan’s Miniature Entrepreneurial Standard
※ 入選 2015 年「中台灣微型創業拔萃標竿」

※ 2015 Golden Pin Design Award
※ 入選 2015 年 金點設計獎

※ 2014 The gold medal award of Sun Moon Lake Tea Competition
※ 榮獲 2014 年日月潭紅茶評鑑競賽金質獎

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      心栽 手採條索系列  

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      心栽 茶包系列  

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      心栽 花茶茶包系列  

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      心栽 典藏禮盒系列  

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Product Features

› Sun Moon Lake hand-picked organic black tea strips
   Main Products :
   › Ruby Black
   › Assam
   › Native Mountain
   › Scented Tea
› Natural farming planting patterns
› Traditional tea making processes
› Pass testing by SGS showing no pesticide residue
› Organic verification unit:
   National Chung Hsing University Agricultural Product Verification Center

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